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"TOP 50 Embroidery Websites"

During the month of June, 2001, the following websites were submitted to The Embroidery University Survey to be listed in the Poll of top 50 Embroidery Related websites. All of the Commercial and Home Embroidery Websites that had at least two entries submitted, where viewed and rated.1
* basic site
** good site & informative
*** more than a standard site, user friendly, educational information for the general public.
  Site Name Site Address Comment
*** A Stitch On Time  http://www.a-stitch.com  Popular site, updated regularly with alot of interactivity. 
*** All-Star Embroidery  http://www.allstaremb.com  Great site taking full advantage of what the web offers to embroidery sites. 
*** Andy's Embroidery  http://andysembroidery.com  Super Web Site, great display and navigation. Two thumbs up! 
*** Ann The Gran  http://www.annthegran.com  Several designs and links for embroidery related designs and web sites. 
*** Barudan America  http://www.barudan.com  Great Site, support options, software updates and user information. 
*** Beacon Funding/FreeEmbropideryStuff  http://freeembroiderystuff.com  Huge site, the name says it all. 
*** C H Holderby  http://chholderby.com  Very useful site, lots of great tips and tricks. 
*** Coast To Coast  http://www.ctcemb.com  Great site, easy to navigate, shop and get all the information you need. 
*** Dalco Athletic  http://www.dalcoathletic.com  Top notch online catalog.
*** DMC http://www.dmc-usa.com  Very well put together, tons of info and products for all types of sewing.
*** Embroidery Business News Magazine http://www.ebnmag.com  Good publication site, many articles online for reading.
*** EmbroideryMall http://www.EmbroideryMall.com Hub to everything embroidery on the Internet.
*** Embroidery University  http://www.EmbroideryUniversity.com  Online studies for all areas of expertise in the industry. 
*** Home Embroidery Mall  http://homeembroiderymall.com  Gateway for the home embroidery industry.
*** Kodesigns http://kodesigns.de  Great tips and tricks section, not limited to the home market. 
*** Nickers and Needles  http://www.nickersandneedles.com/index.html  Super example of a well done, niche market site! 
*** Perfect Little Stitches  http://www.perfectlittlestitches.com  Designs CDs with lessons, nice tips and tricks section. 
*** Puerto Rico Embroidery  http://puertorico.go.coolebiz.com  Great site with Puertorican/Latino designs. 
*** SMR Software  http://www.smrsoftware.com  Software applications for art and embroidery includes a download area. 
*** Stitchitize http://www.stitchitize.com  Canadian digitizing firm has a great presentation of services offered. 
*** Stitchofclass  http://www.stitchofclass.com Classy site, nice look and feel. 
*** Tajima.com  http://www.tajima.com  Thorough FAQ section, easy to navigate, shop and learn about Tajima equipment. 
*** Tashambra's Menagerie of Fun  http://www.Tashambra.com  Very informative and Interactive. 
*** The Embroidery Store  http://www.embstore.com  Online shopping for supplies and more, easy navigation and shopping experience. 
*** Told In A Garden  http://www.tiag.com Very nice artistic designs in a well presented site. 
*** Victoria Sampler, Thea Dueck Designs  http://www.victoriasampler.com Offers CyberClasses, discussion groups and more for home and hobby sewing enthusiasts. 
** COMPUCON http://www.compucon.gr Nice display of products, great looking download area.
** Elsa's Designs  http://www.ElsasDesigns.com Great design site.
** Embroidery by Design http://www.cvkey.com  Easy to navigate, large selection of designs with easy online ordering. 
** Embroidery.com  http://embroidery.com  Stock designs offered from many digitizers and punch houses. 
** Embroidery Bayou http://www.embroiderybayou.com Large selection of embroidery designs.
** Embroidery Library  http://www.emblibrary.com  Massive offering of stock designs, nice idea section. 
** Flatlander Corporate Logowear  http://flatlander.com  Direct garment sales offering full service embroidery and embelishment. 
** Floriani http://www.floriani.com/  Nice presentation of designs for purchase, info and education areas are members only. 
** Jan Boggan's Sew 'n Tell  http://www.sewntell.com  Lots of freebies for home embroiderers, links to other areas of interest. 
** Linda Dryer  http://www.lindadryer.com  Education for specific digitizing in the home market, offering training books and CDs and designs.
** Midwest http://www.midwestworld.com  Downloadable video clips are a nice addition.
** Stitches Magazine  http://www.stitches.com  Publication for the embroidery industry. 
** Mother Hen Quilts http://www.motherhenquilts.com Great selection of designs for making quilts, free area.
* 3D Embroidery  http://www.3D-Embroidery.com  Easily navigated, nice presentation of products. 
* BuyNSellOnline.com  http://buynsellonline.com  Basic classifieds site, chat areas look interesting. 
* Carolina Stitch  http://www.carolinastitch.com  Great FAQ for visitors.
* Embroidery Direct http://www.embroiderydirect.com Products, designs and education for home embroiderers.
* Embroidery Directory http://www.EmbroideryDirectory.com Free embroidery listings for the industry.
* Flyfot Embroidery & Digitizing  http://www.flyfot.com  Under development, good beginning for a digitizing/design site 
* M & A Designs  http://www.m-adesigns.com  Offering stock designs, regular free design as incentive. 
* Monica's Miscellany  http://www.monicasmiscellany.com/index.html Home embroidery links. 
* OESD  http://www.oesd.com  Offering stock designs and digitizing software. 
* Pfaffers  http://www.quiltropolis.com  Link site to embroidery related areas of the web. 
* SuMMaries Embroidery Design Links  http://www.geocities.com/FashionAvenue/5088 Huge link site to various sewing related areas. 
1 NOTE: There were over 500 submissions for this survey. All of the sites needed a minimum of at least two votes to be considered. The ranking had criteria, but in the end there is always some subjectivity that is included. However, the panel of three review people did their best. The hours of reviewing, and re-reviewing were unbelievable. There are lots of great sites out there that are not included, but if they were not submitted, then they missed this particular survey.

Do to the great response to this survey, we will make the "TOP 50 Embroidery Websites" an annual project. So see you next year!

  June, 2001

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